Endorsements and glowing praise for So You Created A Wormhole from everyone from Caveman journalists to hyper-evolved Floating Brain Alien pundits.

2012:08 – Attack of the Show

Phil and Nick discuss the uses and perils of time travel with Baratunde Thurston and run down a few important facts everyone needs to know before starting a temporal adventure.

2012:07 – The Terribleminds Interview –

The illustrious author Chuck Wendig puts Phil and Nick through their paces, getting their takes on writing and storytelling, time travel and cupcakes. He even manages to squeeze an original short story out of them, which is available in the Archives. But the full (huge!) interview is right here.

2012:05 – Geek Speak Radio Podcast –

Ashton Kutcher playing Steve Jobs, Han Solo dancing in a video game, printable robots that are undoubtedly going to take over the world — host Bryan Carr and his fellow geeks talk over a mess of awesome topics with Nick and Phil on the Geek Speak podcast. Oh, and dinosaur combat. That comes up.

2012:04 – Beyond The Marquee –

Movie and Back To The Future enthusiasts Beyond The Marquee get an action-packed look at the Wormhole art show opening night — and interview Phil & Nick in the men’s room.

2012:04 – The Electric Playground

Miri of The Electric Playground swings by the iam8bit gallery to talk to 8bit partner, Nick Ahrens, authors Phil Hornshaw & Nick Hurwitch, and get an up-close look at the time travel Wormhole art.

2012:04 – Scripts & Scribes

As part of their YouTube video channel launch, Scripts & Scribes tracks down Phil & Nick signing books at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books.

2012:04 – Nerd Bastards

An in-depth recap of the So You Created A Wormhole art show at the iam8bit gallery in Echo Park, Los Angeles. Complete with party-time quotes.

2012:04 – – Geek Out!

Authors Phil Hornshaw & Nick Hurwitch geek out with Henry Hanks and delve into the terrifying world of bad pop culture fiction — the birthplace of So You Created A Wormhole.

2012:04 – KPCC – Los Angeles Public Radio

Authors Phil Hornshaw & Nick Hurwitch offer the airwaves their nasally Midwestern accents, and give KPCC a preview of So You Created A Wormhole and the accompanying art show at iam8bit.

2012:04 – io9

The cultural curators at io9 were so excited about this time travel art, that they forgot their Time Travel Guides at home. Can’t say we blame them.

2012:04 – Kotaku

The gaming wizards of Kotaku know a good president-on-dictator dinosaur fight when they see one. Turns out they like books, too.

2012:04 – Laughing Squid

It turns out, when you combine time travel with books and art, people — and even squids — tend to ink a little. Check it out.

2012:04 – The Nerdist

In what can only be described as a nerd rite of passage, picked up the story of the book and the accompanying art show. Thanks, guys! You’re the Nerdist-iest!

2012:04 – /Film

/Film juiced up their hover boards and vandalized the internet with an early preview of some of the amazing art at So You Created A Wormhole: A Time Travel Themed Art Show

2012:04 – San Francisco Bay Guardian – Pixel Vision

This awesome set of questions from journalist Cheryl Eddy avoids the safety nets and, as a result, reads like a whole extra chapter of Wormhole.

2012:04 – Geekspeak

Authors Phil Hornshaw & Nick Hurwitch join host Bryan Carr and his motley geek crew for a marathon podcast that covers the book, printable robots, poop, and 3D Billy Zane.

2012:04 – Huffington Post – Slideshow

Authors Phil Hornshaw & Nick Hurwitch share their time travel knowledge with the Huffington Post, offering up 7 Tips for Time Travelers with accompanying illustrations from the book.

2012:04 – Things To Do In LA

For a while there, we were a thing to do in LA. With bonus super-positive, high-five review of the book.

2012:03 – Central Michigan Life (Review)

Central Michigan Life, co-author Phil Hornshaw’s college newspaper, offers up the first review of So You Created A Wormhole.

2012:03 – Central Michigan Life (Profile)

Wormhole authors Phil Hornshaw and Nick Hurwitch are profiled by Hornshaw’s college newspaper, where he was once an editor and reporter.

2012:02 – From The Desk Of

So You Created A Wormhole illustrator Aled Lewis has his workspace examined by the “From The Desk Of” blog– this is where the book’s illustrations were created!

2012:02 – Nerdist Podcast

Nerd extraordinaire Chris Hardwick receives his galley preview of So You Created A Wormhole: The Time Traveler’s Guide To Time Travel and considers the implications in the early minutes of Nerdist Podcast #168: Hair Drapes. Perhaps a message from his future self?

Hair Drapes

Nerdist Art by Brandon Sparks

2011:05 – Juxtapoz

So You Created A Wormhole illustrator Aled Lewis is profiled in the May, 2011 issue of Juxtapoz Magazine. His work is prominently featured and he drops a mention of the book in the writeup.